Who we are … 

Out of Order Design is a creative consultancy and fabrication studio based in London. In our workshop, we foster a collaborative spirit between an array of industries including craft, architecture, installation, metal work and digital manufacturing. We believe that sharing our space with original and ambitious designers has provided us with a unique insight into the world of innovation - everyday, we are privileged to see fresh, exciting ideas being exchanged, explored and, finally, given life.

What we do ...

We have always prided ourselves on our diverse range of work. Our relationship with our clients - both in the private and public domain - has its foundations in a shared sense of trust and understanding. We work closely to follow briefs and then design, build and install the final product.

So far, we’ve installed exhibitions and pop-ups in such prestigious institutions as the V&A and Somerset House. As for our private commissions, we use our extensive in-house experience to deal with anything from bespoke kitchens to mezzanine pods.


How we work …



We take huge pleasure in liaising with our clients and helping them realise their vision. We’re one of the few studios that complete a job from start to finish, and all you need to do is reach out to us with your idea. From there, we have our team of talented designers and makers at our disposal to make it a reality both quickly and professionally.

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Once the design is complete, we have our own expansive workshop that our team of skilled makers will work in to bring it to life. Our space affords us to work with jobs on a variety of different scales, and from a variety of different fields. We believe that, in working through each stage of the process, a unique sense of continuity and commitment is encouraged within our team.

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