Process / Technicals

We imported the scan into 3Ds Max and reduced the polymesh to achieve a less detailed model. This was necessary to optimise the cutting files for the CNC.

The next stage was to shell the file to reduce the overall weight of the piece once built. We then sliced the head using a Fusion 360 plugin and exported the nested files ready for the fabrication stage. 

Candy Mechanics Pop-up Store, Covent Garden

Out of Order was commissioned to design and build a central feature piece for Candy Mechanics pop up store in Covent Garden.

Utilising our skills in digital fabrication we took a 3D scan of Candy Mechanic’s Events Lead George and using a CNC we machined each layer and constructed the giant head to take centre stage in the store window.

We also carried out the store fit out.

oood_Scan Render_02.jpg
CNC'd parts
Assembled head
CNC'd parts stacked
Spraying head