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a multidisciplinary design & fabrication studio


a creative consultancy and fabrication studio

Idea / Design / Build / Install




Who we are ... 

Out of Order Design is a creative consultancy and fabrication studio based in London. We're a multidisciplinary practice made up of a collaborative group of designers and makers working across the fields of design and craft, architecture and installation.

What we do ...

We pride ourselves on our diverse range of work. We collaborate with clients to create unique ideas we then design, build and install them. This spans product and interiors, exhibitions and pop ups as well as furniture and bespoke commissions.

We always produce a CAD model, to scale with a range of finishes. This provides an easy to understand interactive visual which allows us to clearly communicate the final outcomes.

How we work



We work with clients to deliver idea led, creative projects with physical outcomes.

We have a wealth of in house experience and an amazing network of creatives who We work collaboratively with to deliver work that spans multiple disciplines



We have in-house fabrication workshops in which we deliver the physical elements of the projects. This is comprised of expert craftsmen who love making things. It provides a seamless transition from idea to build to install.

the team

Our company is young, small and fun. We have great people with great personalities. Our professional experience spans architecture, product and furniture design as well as metal work and digital manufacturing.


Stuart Baker - Founder

Stu’s background is in Product Design and digital manufacturing. He studied at Ravensbourne where he received a first and later went back there to teach. He has designed musical instruments for Google, kitchenware for Jamie Oliver and has has set up shared workshops in central London and Amsterdam.

He is a podcast fanatic.


James Whittam

James was born in Keighley, West Yorkshire. He worked as a glazier and joiner until 2014 then moved to London to Study Furniture at The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art.

He founded the 'Teak, Vintage Living', Saltaire, West Yorkshire, 2012-14 and 'The Good Son', online and pop up store specialising in mid-century furniture sale and restoration, 2016 to present. 

James won the Worshipful Company Awards for Furniture Design and Craft - The Furniture Makers’ Company, 2016.

He has a dry sense of humour.



Text and info about Thom is on it’s way.


Simon Petty - Founder

A Nottingham boy who studied his BA at the University of Liverpool and then onto Nottingham Trent for his MA. His passion to break the architectural order led to the company name. He has lived on a boat, in a caravan, spent a month in tents on the side of the road in Thailand and now lives in a house.

Simon has 1 pair of shoes. They are brown.

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Moe lived in Brighton until he was 20, then moved to London to study Furniture design at The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art. where he received a first.

He has worked as a satellite engineer, bike hire assistant and tree surgeon.

Passionate about design and making, he thrives with the opportunity to explore new and old techniques working primarily with timber but also ceramics.

Moe loves climbing and riding. 



Text and info about Max is on it’s way.


Sam Flynn

Sam has lived in wales where he worked on whale and dolphins boats. Sam has also worked in theatres including the globe as a set designer and stage manager. He’s toured the world as a roadie. Sam got a First in furniture design from The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art. His passions are craft and the community and how they can work together. He likes climbing. And puns.



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